My Story

Using a Holistic Approach to maintaining or restoring your  overall wellness, starts primarily through these simple approaches: 
  • Your body makes its OWN medicine

  • Moving Waste From Your Waist

  • Bye Bye Pain & Inflammation

  • Having an Accountability COACH

I became a Certified Health Coach as a result of my personal journey.  As a 50 plus year old mom of a 10 year old, I experienced a lot of changes in my body and overall quality of life, especially more so in recent years as I was approaching my 'change of life' when lack of sleep, fatigue and a climbing scale set in.
All that I heard would happen, weight gain I simply could not get under control it seemed no matter what I tried, headaches, sleep struggles. brain fog, stressed with no patience and no energy to do much of  anything and so much more... You name it, I've been there, got the T-shirt!  Any of that sound familiar to you?  Through my personal quest for solutions, I learned that while I thought I was doing the right things, sometimes just :eating right and exercising more" isn't all it takes. Through my quest "to figure out me" I ended up earning my Health Coach Certification which further developed my passion to help others who similarly simply want to get their life back!  And then some!

As we age our body DOES change, but I don't mean only hormonally, our digestion also slows as well which for some can even cause you to overeat, or to 'enjoy' acid reflux. We also hold on to a little more fluff or fat as a way or protecting us from potential frailness as we get older, so it truly may not be as easy to lose weight as quickly as we used to. Also as a woman who was in  "the change" of life when a hormonal imbalance sets in or maybe you may have a chemical imbalance from your lifestyle and need to regain lost energy, your desires, strength, and vitality and overall good spirit to better enjoy life pain and inflammation free, as so much of that is from what we fuel ourselves with. I invite you to open your heart and mind to the possibilities of what is in store for you and together we can change not just your health but your life ONE HEALTHY HABIT AT AT TIME!

Canton, GA 30114

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