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Can What You Eat Cause Cancer?

Can your 'diet' influence your risk of many cancers? If you are eating low fiber. high fat foods or have a high alcohol intake, you can have definitely increase your risk for certain cancers including, but not limited to, bowel, uterine, prostate and even lung cancer! But as we have learned simple lifestyle changes, such as following a healthier diet which more fibrous vegetables, could prevent 30–50% of all cancers* Many veggies, particularly cruciferous ones such as cruciferous vegetables, including broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage, contain cancer-fighting antioxidants and phytochemicals.

Following are a few food choices that will serve you best to avoid!

Because of the high levels of sodium nitrates, processed meats (i.e., hot dogs, sausages, ham, and bacon) CAN be considered as dangerous as smoking or even as culpable as asbestos when it comes to being a strong cancer-contributor according to the World Health Organization. Also notable is individuals who consume just 50 grams of processed meat daily increase their chances of developing colon cancer by roughly 18% and those diets rich in these cancer causing nitrites have been linked to increased rates of colorectal cancer in particular.

Microwaved popcorn: In the realm of salty snacks, popcorn can be considered healthful as it is fairly low-cal and a good source of fiber. However, that is only if you grab the “right one.” Be sure to steer clear of microwave variety, not only are they generally loaded with unhealthy (trans) fats and artificial (chemically created) flavors, but even if you opt for the plain variety the lining of the bag is still laden with cancer causing chemicals!

Speaking of Trans fats, don’t just think ‘fried food”, such as french fries; although true, trans fats are often snuck in many unassuming packaged goods, such as granola bar, crackers, or cereal, margarine and even condiments! To avoid trans fats, avoid foods that are often 'packaged foods" that tend to have longer shelf lives which typically have partially hydrogenated oils.

Sweeteners -- Not all sugars are created equal.

Many are opting for ‘natural sources such as monk fruit of agave nectar, although monk fruit is a good choice in moderation, as it does have such natural anti-oxidant properties. However, agave is 75-90% fructose, which is than high fructose corn syrup, which doesn’t metabolize, thereby raising the the blood sugar levels rapidly which can be dangerous for some especially if you are prediabetic and you don’t even know it! With all the research going on currently into artificial sweeteners, oncologists agree that aspartame) is related to increased rates of lymphoma and leukemia. So instead opt for products sweeten with plant based sweeteners such as Stevia.

Lastly, and far from least is the one we all likely know, but do you think its just around the scale that its not good for you? White Bread!

Although convenient to reach for a bagel or muffin on the way to work, starchy white breads cause blood sugars to spike, which over the long term contributes to certain types of cancer, including believe it or not lung cancer! If you must have something ‘bready opt for choices lower on the GI scale (glycemic index) such as foots made with brown rice or whole flours or even oatmeal based. (source: University of Texas’ MD Anderson Cancer Center)


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