There is endless information out there about how to accomplish your health or weight goals.  Just spend 5 minutes on social media and you will encounter a handful of different latest, greatest end-all, be-all, this is "the one for you" solutions.  But there is no one size fits all plan when it comes to your health. You can't expect the same results by following a plan made for someone else's body type, genetic make-up or situation. We are all made differently, and respond differently to certain foods, supplements, approaches and so on.  Every element of YOUR life and YOUR lifestyle contributes to your health and happiness - albeit stress from your daily demands, a change in your blood pressure or cholesterol level, skipping meals, anxiety, lack of energy, weight gain etc., are all contributing factors to the potential for disease including High Blood Sugar, Alzheimer's, Cancer, Stroke, Heart Disease and more. So because of that, my work is more consultative in nature. Certified Health Coaches can help make sense of all the mixed messages and help people get on the right track. Together we will take a holistic approach to renewing your health through a program for

YOUR needs via incorporating L.E.A.N method to overall wellness adapting your 

Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition by changing one HEALTHY HABIT AT A TIME!

Let's Go Shopping

Gotcha! OK not the shopping you were thinking, I am talking reviewing your grocery choices.  The enlightenment of a "pantry makeover" may make your goals more achievable.  You will learn the Art of Label Reading so you will know what you don't know including  the foods that keep you young and those that AGE YOU! 

Individual Session

Think of this is more of a discovery session. We will discuss your current lifestyle, your goals, what changes you can make to create a work, life,  balance, as well as look at the factors or life choices that are contributing to your lack of balance or furthering your issues like poor sleep, low energy, anxiety, weight gain and more. As your accountability partner,  we will get you there. Remember its only 30 days to make a new healthy habit!

Medical / Holistic Partner

I love to collaborate with Chiropractors,  Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Integrative Medicine and yes even medical doctors and more to partner with your patients on their path to wellness and longevity through Science-based nutrition, changing their habits which ultimately lower BMI and stress levels thereby creating a better 'more receptive" patient for YOUR work by adapting their overall lifestyle ONE HEALTHY HABIT AT A TIME! 

Discounted Labwork

Testing your blood, is the best insight to YOUR body or moreover, YOUR overall health. Have your tests done locally at one of over 4000 lab locations nationwide and then lets discuss your results and what lifestyle choices you can make to better or change your results! Choose from the most requested lab tests or our most popular test packages including, thyroid, sex and energy, nutrients & omega 3’s, and our weight loss and optimal metabolism.  Discounts range from 50 to 80%!

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